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Number for Gmail customer service

In this digital world, there is a various communication channel like email, mobile phone or some other social channel. But, Email is very famous for communication. When we talk about email there is a number of email service providers as gmail, yahoo, outlook, iCloud mail, AOL email, zoho mail, gmx email, yandex email and Lycos mail etc. gmail is the great platform for email services. It is freely provided by Google Inc. Today, approximate 1.2 billion peoples are using gmail due to its easy availability, user-friendly interface and advance security features.

Features of Gmail

Gmail is offering most impressive and power packed features to the users. gmail has a large number of users, who are not willing to switch any other platform. Some of the useful and attractive features are as follows.


Gmail was launched on April 1, 2004, with its one GB storage. A significantly higher amount compared to other service providers offered at that time. Gradually, with the increasing of needs, it has increased its storage space as on April 1, 2005, the limit was doubled to two gigabytes of storage. Similarly, gmail has increased the storage space on April 24, 2012, and on May 13, 2013. Now gmail users are enjoying its services with 15-gigabyte storage space.

Spam filter:

Gmail’s spam filtering features a public driven system: When any user getting excessive and irrelevant email can mark as spam, this feature avail the information to help the system identify similar future messages for email users.

Gmail Labs:

On June 5, 2008, gmail introduced “The gmail Lab features”. This feature allows you to test new experimental Features of Google email. gmail users can enable and disable “gmail Labs features” and provide their important feedback about all new upcoming features.

Money Transfer and payments option:

Google has integrated its Google Wallet and gmail. Now users can use gmail to send the money as an email attachment by using web and android app.

gmail technical issues:

Even though Google is known for offering some attractive features but still the users have to face some technical issue now and then mostly in gmail. Some of the most popular problems faced by users are.

gmail is not responding
Not able to login
gmail account is blocked or suspended
Hacked gmail account recovery
IMAP and POP configuration error
The spam filter is not working properly
2 Step verification problems
Forgot gmail Password
gmail Sync issue.

How to contact gmail customer service team?
Our Professionals are one call away now. If you are not able to resolve your problems by yourself and need specialist help. You should dial gmail customer service number (800) 674-2896 toll-free. And explain your problem to our specialist. They will provide you with a most relevant solution for your critical gmail issue.

Our Specialization:

“Help Desk phone” is a reliable source of gmail technical support. We have a lot of subscribers all over the world that are enjoying our gmail help services. You can rely upon us for any of your technical glitches. Some of our unique services are.

Available to offer gmail customer service 24×7 via toll-free (800) 674-2896 number.

Quick response
Most suitable and reliable solution

Services available through email, live chat or toll-free gmail customer care number

All the executive or professionally trained and certified
Get the gmail Solution on remote access.


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Why should you need The gmail customer service from tech support team via toll-free phone number?
As we know that nowadays gmail is popular with everyone. Everyone is using gmail services. But it is also true that sometimes users find different types of technical problem while using gmail services, for example, gmail password issue, gmail account login issues,gmail forgot password issues and so on.

So in such conditions, users need help from the technical expert for a solution. And gmail customer service will give you the best solution to your problem in such situations.

Official gmail will not provide you the right solution. Even the internet is also not able to provide you with the solution to your problem in gmail Because Google is not providing any kind of help or support to its free subscriber. So the best for you to get a quick solution of your gmail issues is to contact our USA Gmail customer service number i.e. (800) 674-2896 toll-free.

As there is no other best option available for you. Just go for it. Our gmail tech expert will solve your problem in a very short time.

Problems gmail customer service team solve

As we know that now a day almost everyone is using gmail service. But the main problem is everyone is facing different types of issues.

• Not able to create a gmail account
• Gmail not working on iPhone
• Unable to set the Signature in gmail
• Unable to set up gmail SMTP Settings
• How to add gmail account on my phone
• Looking to reset gmail account password. But don’t know how?
• How to configure gmail in Outlook email or Hotmail.
• How to recover my gmail password, I forgot my gmail account password.
• How to unlock locked Google Account.
• Resolve Spam emails issues in gmail.
• Getting the wrong security question error.
• Security Question not matching
• Unable to Access my gmail account offline
• Getting gmail Server Error
• Gmail Account Hacked
• Gmail configuration error with other email clients
• Suspicious activity in gmail.
• Not able to access and composing email messages in gmail.
• Fix gmail time zone.
• Set up my gmail account on my mac pc.

So there are so many problems which users go through. But every problem has the solution and the best solution is provided by our gmail tech support team. Our gmail customer service will provide you with the solution to each problem related to gmail. You will get the best gmail tech support in a very short period of time through gmail tech support number. Our gmail customer service toll-free number is (800) 674-2896. Feel free to contact us at any time.

Gmail technical support team is very important for everyone because of its use in day to day life. Gmail is the most famous platform. It is freely provided by Google. It is very user-friendly because of its easy user interface. As you know, every good thing has some drawback in the same way the user also get some issues when they use their gmail account. But don’t worry gmail customer service is working to resolve your all kind of technical issues without any delay.

You can go for help to the gmail customer service number without any agitation; gmail customer service number is tried and tested for its unmatched services.

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Learn How to Create a New gmail Account:

Go to gmail official login page.
Click on Create an Account.

Now fill the details like -> First and Last Name -> username, -> Enter password -> Confirm Password and Click Next.

Select country code and enter phone Number.
Verify you’re your Number (Enter the verification code)
Enter Your Date of birth and your gender
Enter the Captcha Code, Select your country
Click on the gmail’s privacy & policy page by clicking next button
You have done.

Use the Your gmail account by setting your profile like profile photo and setting background theme

For any issues, you can contact directly gmail customer service team.

Composing New email messages

Gmail’s new Smart Compose feature can save your valuable time by foreseeing what you will compose before you compose it—kind of like autocomplete for your gmail inbox. It works shockingly well, as well, and it’s not entirely obvious when its proposals aren’t right on target.

Reading your email

Not a fan of Google email’s Click on gmail inbox? Hover your mouse over “gmail Inbox” in the “left sidebar” and click the “downward-facing” arrow that appears beside it. That’ll let you choose from five different gmail inbox configurations: “Default,” which is the standard tabbed setup; “Important first,” which separations your gmail inbox in half, with messages Google deems to be important on top of the inbox; “Unread first,” which does the same thing but with unread emails taking up the upper portion of the system’s screen; “Starred first,” which does exactly what you’d think; and “Priority gmail Inbox,” which enables you create up to four customization segments to break apart different types of emails messages.